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RED WoLF Project released into the wild...

Group shot of European project Partners
RED WoLF Project Partners at their first official meeting in Lille earlier this year.

CHA is excited to announce its involvement in the RED WoLF Project, as of April this year.

The RED WoLF project (acronym for: Rethink Electricity Distribution Without Load Following) funded by the EU programme Interreg North-West Europe (NWE), brings together 14 Partner Institutions from UK (5), France (4), Ireland (3), Belgium (1) and Germany (1). Universities, housing associations, local authorities as well as training and other non-profit organizations across North-West Europe aim to tackle housing emissions, responsible for approximately 300 million tonnes of CO2/year. For more details on the project and what it means for CHA and our tenants, visit our 'European Projects' page.

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