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RED WoLF Partner Meeting in Luxembourg

From the 27th to the 28th of September, CHA travelled to Luxembourg for the 4th in-person meeting of the RED WoLF partnership. Now that some of the pilots are up and running, this was the perfect time to come together and share our experiences and learning since we last met up in June. The meeting was organised by project partners eco:novis, who gave us a warm welcome to the modern and comfortable youth hostel which was our venue for the duration of our visit. Alex and Kerstin introduced their organisation and spoke a little about how things work in terms of domestic energy Luxembourg. This was followed by an update from lead partner Giuseppe, of Leeds Beckett University (LBU), UK. After this we heard from Sasha, also from LBU, about the more technical aspects of the project. This was followed by Dave and Ben from Oldham Council, UK, who talked about the progress of the market capitalization plan and shared interesting updates on variable energy tariffs which are becoming available in the UK. The reported back on their recent successful meeting with the Octopus Energy group and the potential for collaboration between them and RED WoLF. After this we had a presentation on some exciting marketing ideas from Kerstin and a presentation from Kevin from eco:novis relating to the RED WoLF algorithm.

After the coffee break, we talked about other potential funding opportunities for the future of the project and Michelle from SOS UK gave us an update on this year's RED WoLF Summer School, happening in October. The partners shared a lunch at the hostel, after which the pilot partners all gave updates on their progress. Stevie from Sligo ATU and Peter from Glas Energy reported on the Cork City and CHA pilots. Ben from Energiepark gave us a preview of the installations we would be visiting the following day. After the second coffee break, there was an explanation and discussion on the deliverables that are due during the next reporting period. The meeting was adjourned around 4.30pm and after a short break, the partners came back together at the Bacchus restaurant for a delicious dinner.

The following day, we met again near the hostel to catch a bus to Energiepark's offices in the nearby town of Beckerich. We had a welcome introduction from Ben and his colleague and then visited two of the pilot sites. It was very interesting to hear about how these developments came about and how the energy provision is managed. The houses are built to a very high level of sustainability and are heated using ground source heat pumps. We got on the bus and went back to Luxembourg in time for lunch. The meeting came to an end and the partners disbanded before heading back to their respective countries. Another successful meeting concluded!

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