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More Cork Families Saved from Repossession and Fuel Poverty

Carbery Housing Association continues its work of rescuing families from repossession by buying 5 more properties in County Cork as of the 12th of June 2020. These properties are mostly rural, but some are in larger towns. CHA has also received the good news that two of their properties have been accepted by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for a full energy retrofit, as part of the NCE Insulation Better Energy Communities Scheme for 2020. These retrofits will benefit current CHA tenants that have been identified as ‘fuel poor’, and will provide air-to-water heat pumps, attic insulation and external wall insulation, bringing the properties’ BER ratings to a B2 standard. CHA aims to get all of their tenants’ homes retrofitted to a higher standard of energy efficiency in partnership with local and national initiatives, as well as through European projects, such as RED WoLF, in which CHA is a Partner.

As part of the Irish pilot project, several CHA properties will receive a brand new, cutting-edge, ‘smart’ solar heating and power system. Ana Ospina, Operations Manager of Carbery Housing Association and Board Member of Green Skibbereen stated: “CHA’s mission is not only to provide housing for families in need, but also to combat climate change and energy poverty. Through these small steps we are moving towards this objective.” CHA is a Sustainable Energy Community working with the Green Skibbereen group in promoting sustainable energy in West Cork.

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