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dscf0914Carbery Housing Association is a non-profit company with Charitable Status and has Approved Housing Body (AHB) status with the Department of Environment (DEHLG).

As such we are able to make use the Social Housing Leasing Scheme Initiative, announced by the Government in the SHIP N5/09 Circular of September 2009.


The process indicated in this circular for CHA in applying for use of a particular property under this scheme is as follows:

The property is identified;

The property is inspected by a  qualified surveyor to identify that;

a)      It meets the fitness standards of the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations if 2008

b)      It is structurally sound and a structural guarantee or insurance is available or can be obtained

c)      It is complaint with planning and technical requirements including Part V (if applicable)

CHA makes informal contact with the Local Housing Authority to confirm that there is a housing need in the area that would merit the introduction of the unit in question into the Scheme. The Local Authority may also want to verify the condition of the property.

dscf0907Subject to the above being in order, we make a formal application to the DEHLG to have the property included in the Scheme.

The application will include a valuation of the market rentals of the property. The SHIP scheme will offer up to 80% of the market rental if the state of fitness is satisfactory

The Local Authority will be asked to approve the proposal, based on rent levels proposed, local housing needs, etc.

Subject to the above, the DEHLG will approve payment of the specified rent level to the AHB for the period of the lease. The minimum length of lease is 10 years; the maximum is 30 years.

CHA must agree with the Local Authority how the property is allocated. It must be allocated to single people or families who are on the Local Authority Housing List, or have been in receipt of rent allowance for more than 18 months.

The property would be allocated, managed and maintained to fully professional standards by CHA.

Rent review will be carried out yearly.

Rent will be paid quarterly.

The CHA will charge a separate Council level rent (means tested) to the occupant, to meet the cost of management and maintenance.

The property will be returned to the owner in the same condition (or better) than at the commencement of the lease.

See  the Submission Template for the Leasing Scheme (for full information that will need to be provided on properties submitted by CHA)

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